Family-Match uses compatibility markers to match children who are in state care with foster and adoptive families. Our unique platform helps child welfare workers to identify and match adoptive families, foster families, and foster-to-adopt families from across the U.S. with children who need safe and loving homes.

How much does it cost?

Family-Match is free for families. Create your free profile to showcase your family today.

How can a child welfare caseworker contact me?

Child welfare workers who have identified your family as a match may contact you by submitting a message to you through this Family-Match website. Be sure to check the "messages and alerts" section of your profile.

Child welfare workers who have a formal partnership with Family-Match can contact you through the personal contact information you choose to share on your Family-Match profile. Your profile allows you to identify how you want to be contacted by a child welfare caseworker. Keep in mind that only child welfare workers with established accounts can see your contact information. Caseworkers who utilize the general search tool on the homepage only have the option of sending you a message through the site.

Who can join Family-Match?

All home study approved adoptive families, foster families, and families approved to foster and adopt may join. If you are just getting started or want to learn more about adoption, email us at info@adoption-share.com.

I am a child welfare caseworker. Can I use your site?

Absolutely! All child welfare caseworkers are invited to use our "Find a Family" tool located on the toolbar at the top of the page. To utilize the full features of our tool and create a private account, please contact us at info@family-match.org.


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